Through the ministry of the Holy Sprit on March 20, 1990 a meeting was held to discuss the formation of a new church. After much prayer the name Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church was chosen.

Rev. J.B. Goodwin was installed as Pastor on April 3, 1990. The church rented a building at 4675 E. Butler for worship services. Under God’s direction on May 23, 1990 Mt. Olive combined membership with El Bethel. Worship services were then moved to 1009 S. Hazelwood where we are currently located.

February 5, 1991 Pastor Goodwin requested a leave of absence. May 15, Rev. Goodwin resigned. Continuing under God’s grace Mt. Olive elected Rev. Lin Duke McGee as pastor. Mt. Olive was under the leadership of Rev. McGee from April 30, 1991 to December 31, 1996.

In July 1997 Pastor Edward B. Lee Jr. was placed as pastor over Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. God has given Pastor Lee a vision for Mt. Olive consisting of, Reaching the community for Christ through parenting classes, Child Care and Education in a Christian Environment. Since the union with Pastor Lee, Mt. Olive has new musical equipment, new roof, air conditioner and many improvements on the church building. Most of all we, as a body of believers, have grown spiritually and numerically blessing us to now have two morning worship services, 8:00a.m. and 11:00a.m.

September 1, 2002, Mt. Olive relocated in a new area, now having worship service at Greenberg Elementary School located at 5081 E. Lane, and our church office is located at 4991 E. McKinley, Suite #104. Since the move our ministries have moved to a higher level, we now have the Mt. Olive Bible Academy, held at the Mennonite Brethren Seminary, the outreach ministry at Greenberg School and the Good News Bible Club, an after school bible program, for the students in 1 st though 6 th grades.

We are still working the ministries that were started on Hazelwood: the Fresno Rescue Mission, the Jail ministry and the Evangel Home ministry.

We have adopted the Stoneybrook Apartments, where we have regular outreach ministries. We are currently working on a bible club in the Winery Apartment complex. We were blessed by God to send our first missionary,

Minister Clarence Williams to Africa last year, this year we will be praying to send three.

Keep Mt. Olive in your prayers, as we have entered into escrow for the purchase of land, which we allow us to build and continue to grow for the Kingdom of God.

In conclusion Mt. Olive let us be strong and courageous not departing from God’s laws. Let us follow Pastor Lee as he follows Christ, then we will be prosperous and successful as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Community, City and the world in the name of Jesus The Christ.